Congratulations to this year’s artists!

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Below are the artists whose designs were selected from the MANY submissions for the 2014 UpStream Art project. Artists will be out on the streets painting until May 20th! Please show them support while out painting! For more information about UpStream Art visit our “About” page!

Bella Vista 
1) Ashley Cane – “Look!” at Riordan Rd and Hwy 71
2) Kimberly Cribbs – “Urban Runoff” at Mercy Way

1) Katy Kane – “Frog” Tiger Blvd and NW “A” St
2) Napoleon Dezaldivar – “Clean Fortune” On SW “A” at the Parks and Recreation Department
3) DJ Lee – “The Sun” at John DeShields round-a-bout

1) Bruce Carpenter – “Oyster” at West Ave. and Lafayette St. – SE corner
2) Elizabeth Hill – “Turtles” at West Ave. –behind Hog Haus at entrance to parking lot
3) Jeffi O’Kane – “Keep it Clean” at Church Ave. and Spring St. – SW corner
4) Lee Porter – “Ozark Sun” at Church Ave. and Spring St. – NE corner
5) Elizabeth Sharp – “Water Underfoot” at Church Ave. and Meadow St. – SW corner
6) Tina Oppenheimer – “Literate Fish” at School Ave. and Mountain St. – SE corner

1) Paige Ray – “Our Worlds” designed by students of Parson Hills Elem. at Jones Center on Emma Ave.
2) Teri Johnson – “Three Little Fish” at Emma Ave. and Spring Street
3) Teri Johnson – “Home Run” at Tyson Sports Park
4) Amber Perrodin & Olivia Trimble – “”Desague al Rio” at Hunt Park