Artists Selected for 2015!!!

Congratulations to the artists selected for this year’s project. Painting should start soon on a storm drain near you!

Bella Vista
Mallory Whitehouse – Riordan Hall
Katy Kane – CVS on Mercy Way

Cassie Conley – NE “A” St by 21c Museum
Kate Dickinson – SE “A” & SE 2nd St.
Laura Neill – NW 2nd St (Between NW “A” and N Main St.)

Fayetteville – All on U of A Campus
Randy Rust – Lot 56 (At Mullins Creek)
Lee Porter – 735 Dickson St. (In front of Nanotechnology building)
Paige Dirkson – Leroy Pond (By Bud Walton Arena)
Kate Barnes – Meadow St. (By bus stop in front of HYPR building)

Emily Chase – Jones Center (Entrance off Emma Ave.)
Nicole Helt – Jones Elementary